Tax 990

Vermont Nonprofits
Registration, Tax Exemption, and Biennial Report Filing Requirements

Vermont Nonprofits - A Guide to Registration and Tax Compliance

Understanding the guidelines and requirements set by the relevant state agency is essential for successfully establishing and operating a nonprofit organization.

Here, you can find how to start and register a nonprofit in Vermont, obtain tax-exempt status, understand the annual report filing requirements for nonprofits in the
state, and more.

Requirements Registration Registration Biennial Filing Biennial Filing
Required Forms

Required Forms

Articles of Incorporation Biennial Report
Due Date

Due Date

Before establishing a Nonprofit entity Between January 1 and April 1 of every 2 years
Filing Fee

Filing Fee

$125 $20

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Start a Nonprofit in Vermont?

To start a nonprofit in the state of Vermont, you must follow these registration procedures.

Articles of Incorporation Registration:

To register your nonprofit in Vermont, you must submit the organization's name and Articles of Incorporation to the Vermont Secretary of State.

Typically, this submission must include the following information:

  • Name of the Corporation
  • Name and address of the Incorporator
  • Name and address of the Initial Registered agent and Initial Director(s)

In addition to these details, you must pay the incorporation filing fee of $125.


How do you obtain tax-exempt status from the State of Vermont?

Any nonprofit that has obtained 510(c) tax-exempt status from the IRS through the submission of a Form 1023 or 1024 form is automatically qualified as tax-exempt under the State of Vermont as well. The state doesn’t require these organizations to submit a separate application.


What are the biennial filing requirements for nonprofits in Vermont?

Biennial Report:

The State of Vermont requires nonprofits to file a biennial report with the Vermont Secretary of State, along with a filing fee of $20.


When is the deadline for filing a biennial report with Vermont?

The due date to file the biennial report is between January 1 and April 1 of every 2 years.


Are there any penalties for not filing a biennial report?

Yes, failing to file the biennial report by the due date will result in the organization's administrative dissolution.


How do I file a biennial report with the state of Vermont?

You can file your biennial filings electronically through the online portal provided by the Vermont Secretary of State.

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