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How to Fill Out your Form 990-PF for 2023 :
Step-by-Step instructions

- Updated February 07, 2024 - 2.00 PM - Admin, Tax990

The IRS requires Private Foundations to file Form 990-PF in order to report their nonprofit expenses, revenue, activities, officer details, capital gains, and distributable amount of charitable distributions during the tax year.

Form 990-PF is due by the 15th day of the 5th month from the organization's accounting period ending.

This article comprises step-by-step instructions on how to fill out your Form 990-PF.

Signature and Paid Preparer:

After filling out the required details, make sure that your return is signed and authorized by one of your organization’s officers such as President, Vice president or other authorized members.

If your Form 990-PF is prepared by a paid preparer, their details can be provided.

Additional Filing Requirements for Form 990-PF

The private foundations that file Form 990-PF may be required to provide additional information regarding the contributions they receive by filing Schedule B.

If your foundation receives $5000 or more contributions from any one contributor during the tax year, you should include Schedule B with your Form 990-PF.

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Steps to File Form 990-PF:

Follow these simple steps to file your Form 990-PF electronically with Tax990:

Step 1

Add Organization Details

Enter your foundation details manually or provide your EIN and our system will import the required information from the IRS database.

Step 2

Choose Tax Year and Form

Tax 990 supports filing for the current and previous years. Choose the tax year for which you are filing and select Form 990-PF.

Step 3

Enter Form Data

Enter the required information and complete your Form 990-PF.

Step 4

Review your Form Information

After providing all the required information, review your form and proceed.

Step 5

Transmit directly to the IRS

Once you have reviewed your form and verified your information, you can transmit your Form 990-PF
to the IRS.