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Wilfred C. Bussing, III

I found Tax990 to be user friendly, accurate, concise, inexpensive and easy to navigate. The response from the help team is prompt and correct. I've been doing these for years. I would recommend others do the same.

Adrian Dieleman

Tax990 has benefited the filing process, that it's so much easier than trying to do it by hand filing. It's quicker and it's far more accurate because of the audit feature. I wish I had been using it for a long time.

Dr. Wesley Proctor

I love the simplicity of Tax990 because if I made any mistakes, it will alert me. Technical support person literally got me on the phone and walked me through the process. Tax990 is very user friendly and the software is very easy to navigate.

Jeff Moskovitz

I’ve been using Tax990 for three years now. I use any number of different services but I didn't find a single one of them had everything I needed. Another great thing I find is that the support people are quite responsive, they’re quick, they're accurate and they’re reliable.

Susan Onan-Schwartz

We were really happy to find Tax990. We weren’t excited about going to e-file when the mandate came out but after using Tax990, it really has helped with the process because I don't miss things by having remainders. Walked through all the different sections. It has helped me be able to complete the forms without having to hire a CPA.

Lillian Alonzo Marin

Tax990 makes it so easy to go through every question function to fill in the taxes. Tax990 makes everything in the same place and we don't go through any hassles. I would definitely recommend it to all nonprofits.

Casey Cruciano

Tax990 has really benefited our annual filing process because it cuts down the amount of time we have to file and get all of our paperwork in because instead of going through a third person we can just directly enter all information and do it all in one day.

Robert Michael Sorrells

I found Tax990 to be user friendly, accurate, concise, inexpensive and easy to navigate. The response from the help team is prompt and correct. I've been doing these for years. I would recommend others do the same.

Rob Fleming

I've used 990 for a Tax 990 for the last two years I really have enjoyed you know using it and I feel it's a real asset to me as I do the work the software itself allows you to go back and check things and it asks questions as you go along and so like I say those features have been used and very much appreciated

Mike Gagas

I started doing the 990s for the fraternity , they filled out the forms and sent them in how has tax 990 benefited our filing process well the E filing is a big boost obviously and you get complete transparency and tracking of where your returns are and you know that they were,filed successfully

Tom Aicklen

The load off of my shoulders and taxes just really are beyond my capability so it takes the burden and worry away from me 990 became a blessing.

Antonio Maldonado

we've been filing with tax990 for about 5 years, very user friendly especially for smaller not-for-profit organizations

Valerie Antkowiak

Tax 990 really made that process easier and now I have a lot more confidence I don't spend four months working on our taxes I know I can do it in a couple of weeks and we're getting them done on time and it's just become a really smooth part of our organization

James Rowley

Tax 990 was like a savior for me, they're very helpful in support I mean they certainly you guys know your business

Rob Fleming

Tax 990 has definitely benefited our organization because it's easy to use we run behind unfortunately we have filed extensions every year but the reminders from Tax 990 are great

Sabrina Barger-Turner

Tax 990 Benefits our organization by providing a platform to track and submit our returns and follow up with any necessary information one of the things that I really loved about Tax 990 was that it allowed me to file for multiple entities as a bookkeeping organization


Tax 990 has benefited us tremendously because it makes the process of filing more efficient and effective we've taken advantage of the options of audit and retransmit

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Exclusive PRO Features Optimize Form 990 Filing for Tax Professionals

Effortlessly manage multiple clients with Tax 990. Coordinate an unlimited number of organizations and their tax filings—all
from one account

Staff Management

Staff Management

Invite your team members and let them prepare and transmit the 990 filings for your clients. You can assign them specific roles and keep track of their activities

Client Management

Client Management

Prepare and manage 990 filings for unlimited clients (multiple EINs) and have your clients review the returns through a secure portal before transmission.


E-Signing Options

Get returns e-signed in minutes using Form 8453-TE (for Paid Preparers) and Form 8879-TE (for Electronic
Return Originators).

Flexible Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Our volume-based pricing packages allow you to save more on your filings while ensuring tax compliance for your clients.

How to E-file Form 990

Review your Form Summary

Review your Form Summary

After completing the form, review the summary. Invite key members of the organization to review and approve the return as needed.

Keep Track of Form Status

Keep Track of Form Status

Once transmitted, you can track the IRS status of your returns in the Dashboard.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are nonprofits required to file IRS Form 990?

The IRS requires nonprofits to file IRS Form 990 each year to maintain their tax-exempt status and fulfill their legal reporting requirements. These 990 returns are available to the public to promote transparency in nonprofit financial operations.

Can I file nonprofit state tax returns with Tax990?

Tax990 currently supports e-filing of the California state tax return, CA Form 199, with the Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

Does Tax990 support all the 990 schedules?

Tax990 supports almost all the 990 schedules required for Form 990, Form 990-EZ, Form 990-PF, and Form 990-T. These schedules are automatically generated based on the data you enter on your main form.

Note: No schedules are required when filing Form 990-N.

Can I bulk import Form 990 data to Tax990?

Yes! Tax990 offers exclusive Excel templates to minimize manual data entry. Our templates allow you to import specific form data, such as contributions and grants, streamlining the completion of your 990 returns and saving you time.

How do I determine my organization’s 990 deadline?

Form 990 is due on the 15th day of the 5th month following the end of your organization's tax year. For organizations using the calendar tax year, this deadline is typically May 15th. If you follow a fiscal tax year, you can use our due date calculator to determine your deadline.

Can I file the prior year's return with Tax990?

Yes! Tax990 offers the option to file prior-year returns, enabling you to catch up on missed filings or amend previous submissions.

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