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Colorado Nonprofits - Registration, Tax Exemption, and Annual Report Filing Requirements

Colorado Nonprofits - A Guide to Registration and Tax Compliance

Understanding the guidelines and requirements set by the relevant state agency is essential for successfully establishing and operating a nonprofit organization.

Here, you can find how to start and register a nonprofit in Colorado, obtain tax-exempt status, understand the periodic report filing requirements for nonprofits in the state, and more.

Requirements Registration Registration Annual Filing Annual Filing
With the State of Colorado With the Colorado Secretary of State Charity Annual Renewal Periodic Report
Required Forms

Required Forms

Article of Incorporation Charitable Registration Charity registration Renewal Periodic Report
Due Date

Due Date

Before establishing a Nonprofit entity Before soliciting any contributions The 15th day of the 5th month following the end of the accounting period Annually, on the month of Incorporation
Filing Fee

Filing Fee

$50 $10 $10 $10

Frequently Asked Questions


How to Start a Nonprofit in Colorado?

To start a nonprofit in the State of Colorado, you must follow these registration procedures.

Article of Incorporation registration with Colorado Secretary of State:

To register your nonprofit in Colorado, you need to submit the organization's name and Articles of Incorporation to the Colorado Secretary of State

Typically, this submission must include the following information:

  • Entity Name and Address
  • Registered agent name and address
  • Name and Address of the person forming a nonprofit corporation
  • Additional Information

In addition to the information above, you’ll need to pay the incorporation filing fee of $50.

Charitable Registration with Colorado Secretary of State:

The State of Colorado law mandates nonprofits to register as a charitable organization with the secretary of state before soliciting contributions, and you’ll need to pay the registration fee of $10.


How to obtain tax-exempt status from the State of Colorado?

Nonprofits that are exempt under IRC sections 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(19) are eligible for Colorado State tax exemption. To apply for exemption, you must file
Form DR 0715 with the state of Colorado.

Along with the application, you need to attach a copy of the Federal determination letter, the most recent financial report, the articles of incorporation, and the Certificate of Good Standing.

Note: Churches affiliated with a national church body should provide an official document from the national organization indicating their group affiliation, along with Form DR 0715.


What are the annual filing requirements for nonprofits in Colorado?

Annual Renewal:

Colorado requires nonprofits to renew their registration annually with the state. The information reported on this renewal will be almost the same as the information reported on the organization’s federal 990 form.

Periodic Report:

In addition to the registration renewal, Colorado law also requires nonprofit organizations to file a Periodic Report electronically each year with the
secretary of state.


When is the deadline for Nonprofits to Submit Annual Renewal and Periodic Report
with Colorado?

Annual Renewal Deadline:

The Deadline to file an Annual renewal with the state of Colorado is the 15th day of the 5th month following the end of the organization's fiscal year. This means if your organization follows the calendar tax year, the deadline is May 15th.

Note: Though the Colorado e-file system enters an automatic 3-month extension, the organizations must submit their annual renewal by the original deadline.

Periodic Report:

The periodic report is due annually on the month of incorporation. It can be filed two months prior to the reporting month or up to two months after without
any penalties.


Are there any penalties for late filing of the annual renewal and periodic report?

Annual Renewal:

If the nonprofits fail to file the annual renewal with the state of Colorado on or before the due date, they will be subjected to a penalty
of $60.

Periodic Report:

Failure to submit the periodic report to the Colorado state by the due date will incur a $50 penalty. Furthermore, If a nonprofit fails to file a periodic report, the entity's status will become delinquent.


How to submit annual renewal and periodic report with the state of Colorado?

Annual Renewal:

The nonprofit organizations can submit their annual renewal statement to the state of Colorado through an online Portal offered by the Colorado
Secretary of State.

For detailed information on how to submit the annual renewal, click here.

Periodic Report:

Nonprofits can submit the periodic reports electronically through the Colorado state website,

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